"My Imaginary Fred"

Web Series Title Sequence

Andrea Carver

Storyboard, modeling, animation, rendering

John Cleary

Music composition

Bianca Gan

Sound effects

For the student-produced web series My Imaginary Fred, I worked with the director to envision an opening sequence to play before each episode. The project required intensive planning in order to guide the rhythm and flow of the sequence. I was responsible for every aspect of the title sequence production, including storyboarding, layout, modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering, and post effects.

The fun, light-hearted sequence consisted of 15 polished shots. The show’s core concept was the reemergence of a childhood imaginary friend, so I gave the title sequence an equally fun and adventurous tone. The sequence alternates betweens shots of crew credits and inserts of animated arts and crafts objects. In order to render the 54 seconds of animation, I configured Amazon Web Service’s EC2 virtual instances to load my scenes and render individual frames.

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